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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a Fantasy Derby?

    A: A Fantasy Derby contest is a game where the team that scores the most points wins! What makes a Derby real fun is that it is structured around the main scoring statistic for each game. For example, Longball Derby is weighted towards Homeruns, Touchdown Derby is weighted towards Touchdowns, 3PT Derby is weighted towards 3 point baskets and Puck Derby is weighted towards goals. There are two other stats to consider as well, please see What’s a Derby for more Information.

  • Q: How does a Derby work/How to play?

    A: Fantasy Derby contests are based on a standard scoring system with a twist, where you are competing against others for the highest Fantasy points throughout the season based on 3 stats but weighted towards the main scoring stat. For example, in LongBall Derby you build your team of sluggers while staying under the Stat Cap. Your roster is locked for the entire season to eliminate the high maintenance needed to set rosters daily or weekly throughout the whole season. The team that scores the most points each month wins – its that Simple! We typically payout out prizes to the TOP 20, but see derby details for prizes. To make it more exciting, the standings are renewed monthly, so you can win every month. Its like playing in up to 7 games for the price of 1. See How it works for details.

  • Q: How many teams can enter a derby?

    A: Derby sizes can vary, but our typical Derby is capped at 1000 teams.

  • Q: Can I enter more than 1 team into a Derby?

    A: Yes, entries into a Derby are unlimited, so you can have Multiple teams in one Derby. This allows you to use your skill and knowledge to build one or more teams based on your strategy.

  • Q: What is a Stat Cap?

    A: The Stat cap is the limit or criteria used to build your Derby team. It is similar to a salary cap, except it is based on a scoring Statistic (hence the name Stat) instead of a dollar amount. For example, in Longball Derby the Stat Cap is home runs, so if the HR Stat Cap is set at 225 HRs, then you must build your team of sluggers staying under this limit. The players HRs are based on the prior year’s stats. The stat cap changes yearly. View the derby details for the current stat cap.

  • Q: How many players do I draft on my Derby roster?

    A: For all Derby contests, the total roster size is 10 players. But each Derby contest will require a different amount of players from certain positions. For example, in Longball Derby you can draft any 6 Infielders and any 4 Outfielders, staying under the HR Stat Cap. See Rules for more details on each Derby contest.

  • Q: Why are Derby rosters locked for the Season?

    A: Fantasy Derby Contests were designed for folks who want to play Fantasy Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football but don’t have the time, can’t make the daily commitment or feel its a hassle to manage their rosters all season long. At RotoDerby starting rosters are locked all season long, taking away the headache of day-to-day maintenance and requiring a lot less of your time! You can now participate in Fantasy Sports and the opportunity to win large cash prizes all season long.

  • Q: Can I make changes to my Roster?

    A: You can edit your roster as many times as you like up until the Derby enrollment closes. Once the Derby is closed, your starting roster is locked for the entire season taking away the headache of day-to-day maintenance and bringing in new and interesting strategies. This is where your knowledge, strategy and skill come into play, so choose wisely, but remember everyone has to play by these same rules.

  • Q: What happens if a player on my team gets hurt or retires, etc. Can I change him out?

    A: At RotoDerby, rosters are locked once the Derby begins and all players remain on your team for the entire Derby season. Fantasy Derbies are based on a draft style similar to salary caps, where multiple teams can draft the same player, thus negating the injury effect, also standings are reset back to zero monthly to further level the playing field. So, if your team suffered an injury in May or stunk it up in June, don't worry, the standings reset monthly giving you a new opportunity to compete for prizes again in July.

  • Q: Why can I only pick from about 150 players from the player pool/pick list to build my team (when there are approximately 1200 players in baseball)?

    A: RotoDerby limits the size of player pool by setting and upper and lower limit of HRs. Players that fall within those limits make up the player pool (in 2014 that was approximately 137 players for Longball Derby).

    The upper and lower limits will change slightly from year to year. For example, in 2014 the limits were: Upper= 53 HRs and Lower = 13 HRs. This injects more skill into the game as you must build your team using players within these limits while staying under the Home Run Stat Cap. In 2015, the limits were: Upper = 40 HRs and Lower = 12 HRs. You can also see these limits by viewing the Derby Cheat Sheet which can also be found on the create-a-team page.

  • Q: How does the payout work, and when do I get it... is it top 5 or 10?

    A: Each Derby contest is different, but Full and Half Season Derbies payout a Monthly Prize and a Season end prize. This is what makes us unique and gives your more opportunities to win. Derbies have been designed so that the typically the Top 20 highest scoring teams will win cash prizes each month. The standings reset back to zero monthly, so you can win every month. For the season prize, typically the top 20 highest scoring teams based on cumulative fantasy points will win cash prizes or free team entries into another Derby. You will be paid in your RotoDerby account within 24 to 72 hours after the stats have been validated.

  • Why are stats incorrect from time to time (why do my stats look incorrect)?

    A: From time to time stats providers do make mistakes. They typically issue corrections 24 to 48 hours post game. Therefore, we will correct/update the stats once we receive them from our data/stats provider.

  • Q: If I recruit friends and earn cash can I withdraw it or is it just a credit to be spent on the site?

    A: No, at RotoDerby your earned cash is your cash! You can withdraw it immediately or use it to purchase more teams in future Derbies, the choice is yours!

  • Q: How do I recruit a friend and how does it work?

    A: At RotoDerby we reward you for every new user you get to play in a Derby. There are three ways to recruit a friend to earn 10% cash back for both of you.

    1. When creating your team name, there will be a location to enter your friend’s email address. You just simply enter their email address and when you click to “create your team name” your friends will be invited to play.
    2. You can go to the My Recruits tab under My Account and in the center of the page you can enter as many friend’s email addresses as you wish and click submit.

      In both these cases above, your friends will receive an email with a referral link and referral code that is linked to you. If your friends uses that link to purchase their teams, you will both get 10% cash back in the form of cash (for you) and 10% discount off of the first purchase (for your friend).

    3. You can simply give your friends your UserID, which is also your referral code. When you friend makes a first time purchase, they simply enter your UserID in the promocode box during checkout and you both receive the 10% cash back.
  • Q: Do I have to pay Taxes on my winnings?

    A: If you win over $600 per calendar year, according to IRS rules you will need to pay taxes on those winnings. Please see terms and conditions for more details.

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