What’s a Derby
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What is RotoDerby?

RotoDerby is a new innovative way to play time consuming fantasy sports in a simpler and convenient way to Save You Time and Win More Money! RotoDerby contests offer you up to 6 more opportunities to win real cash than conventional fantasy sports. You can win both Monthly and Season-end cash prizes within the same Fantasy Derby Contest.

RotoDerby was created for people who want to play Fantasy Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football but don't have the time, can't make the daily commitment or feel its a hassle to manage their rosters all season long.

At RotoDerby starting rosters are fixed all season, requiring a lot less of your time while enabling you to participate in Fantasy sports and win large cash prizes all season. RotoDerby offers Full-Season, Half-Season and Month-Long Fantasy Derby Contests.

Fantasy Derby Contests

Fantasy Derby contests are based on a standard scoring system with a twist; you are competing against others for the highest Fantasy points throughout the season based on 3 stats but weighted towards the main scoring stat. Derby contests are structured around the main scoring statistic, hence the name Longball Derby, TD Derby, 3PT Derby and Puck Derby. Your roster is locked for the entire season to eliminate the high maintenance needed to set rosters daily or weekly throughout the whole season.

The standings reset monthly allowing you a renewed opportunity to win large cash prizes every month along with Season-end prizes. RotoDerby offers multiple Fantasy Derby Sports that let you get back in the game year round without the high maintenance or large time commitment needed to upkeep rosters daily or weekly all season.

So if you love playing fantasy sports like Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football but don’t have the time for the season long roster maintenance, then you’ll love playing RotoDerby Fantasy Sports, so GET BACK IN THE GAME!

Fantasy Derby differs from conventional Fantasy sports in 4 ways:

  1. Each Derby is based on 3 stats but weighted towards a main scoring stat (for example in Longball Derby, HRs = 5pts, RBIs = 1pt, Ks = -1). That’s it no other stats.
  2. The Derby uses fixed starting rosters for the entire season (eliminates the high maintenance needed to set rosters daily or weekly). One-time setup.
  3. Derby standings reset monthly – so you can win each month and at season end (as opposed to winning just once at the end of the season).
  4. Each Derby is not limited to 8 to 12 teams. With Fantasy Derbies your entries are unlimited, allowing you to compete against more teams for larger Monthly and Season-end prizes.
How it Works
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Residents of the states of Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Puerto Rico, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island and where otherwise prohibited by law may only participate in the free contests and shall not be eligible to win any cash prizes or reward points. Canadian Residents of the British Columbia and U.S. Resident of Alabama and Nebraska must be 19 years of age to play in any cash derby contests with prizes.
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