Are You a Fantasy Sports Addict?

Fantasy Sports Addict

Fantasy sports fans know that fantasy sports addiction can be a serious affliction, leading to a number of different problems, including the need for multiple cable subscriptions and the urge to purchase a variety of electronic devices. You may also run the risk of alienating your spouse, ultimately plunging your family life into turmoil.

But how do you know if you’re a fantasy sports addict and what can you do about it?

You might be a fantasy sports addict if...

  • You constantly monitor stats and make adjustments to your team throughout the season
  • You spend more than 6 hours every Sunday monitoring games
  • You forget who your real favorite sports teams are because you’re worried about how your fantasy team is doing

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), there are more than 33 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and another three million fantasy sports players in Canada. So, the most important thing to realize is that you’re not alone! Fantasy sports addiction is a common affliction.

If you have started wondering if your fantasy sports addiction is taking up too much of your time, there is a solution – and it doesn’t even require a 12-step program! We can help you feed your need for fantasy sports while still keeping your boss and your spouse happy.

RotoDerby offers the perfect solutions:

  • Fixed starting rosters, so you don’t have to monitor and adjust your fantasy team all season long
  • Opportunities to win more money playing fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey and fantasy football
  • The ability to feed your need for fantasy sports without having to make a daily commitment

You don’t give up your fantasy sports addiction! Just be smarter about how you play. Check out our season-long Fantasy Derby contests that let you save time and win more money.

Rotoderby offers a variety of fantasy sports games players can choose from all season long, including Longball (HR) Derby, Touchdown Derby, 3PT Derby and Puck Derby (that’s Hockey, for you non-Hockey lovers). Win up to $5,000 monthly for first place all season long for just a one-time fee of $29 to $99. RotoDerby is Fantasy Sports Simplified!