The Best Home Run Parks for Left and Right Handed Hitters for 2014

Yankee Stadium

The last few seasons power numbers have been down. There are a number of reasons such as better PED (steroid) testing, more power pitching and even climate. It's a known fact the ball travels longer in hot weather then in the cold. So any advantage will help. Here is a look into the Top 5 HR stadiums for right and left handed hitters plus will go over the Top 5 overall HR spots.

Top 5 Left Handed Home Run Stadiums:

  1. Baltimore Orioles - Camden Yards: This retro modern park has a 318 right field line porch that allow guys like Brady Anderson hit 50 HRs in a season.
  2. Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park: This park has a retractable-roof that's a big help with climate control and add the shallow alleys puts them on the list.
  3. Texas Rangers - Rangers BallPark: With a combination of very dry air and an almost constant wind blowing out, the home of the Texas Rangers is one of the easiest parks for a major league player to hit home runs in.
  4. New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium: Wind tunnel and short right porch makes this stadium ideal for left handed hitters.
  5. Colorado Rockies - Coors Field: Designers of stadium knew it would be a HR park. Low air density at such a high elevation results in balls traveling farther then any other park.

Top 5 Right Handed Home Run Stadiums:

  1. Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Centre: People around the team believe since renovations two years ago, which saw the restaurant in center field turned into open space for fans to watch the game has caused nothing to stop air going out to centerfield causing such an increase in HRs.
  2. Colorado Rockies - Coors Field: see above
  3. Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park: see above
  4. Cincinnati Reds - Great American Ball Park: Has short dimensions down the lines, In fact, during the past five seasons combined, there have been a total of 1,119 home runs hit in the ballpark which is more than any other stadium in the sport.
  5. Chicago White Sox - U. S. Cellular Field: Following the 2000 season the foul poles were moved in to 330 ft for left field and 335 ft right field from 347 ft causing in a HR heaven.

Overall Top 5 Home Run Stadiums:

  1. New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium:
  2. Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park:
  3. Cincinnati Reds - Great American Ball Park:
  4. Chicago White Sox - U. S. Cellular Field:
  5. Colorado Rockies - Coors Field:

I hope this guide helps you for the upcoming Fantasy Longball Derby season. Also remember teams that play in the same division play each other 19 times. So for example, Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles plays 81 games at home and another 9 or 10 at Yankee Stadium. Another guy who should have a big come back season power wise is Prince Fielder. When he was a Brewer he hit 50, 46, 38 and 34 home runs. Now that he was traded from Detroit a tough home run park

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